2020 Wednesday Workshops

FAMILIES Google Classroom for the B.C. Northern Interior

Michelle Ellerton, BA, FAMILIES Educator

FREE for Family Members

All workshops are open throughout the day of each course to be completed at your own pace.

Sign up for one or more on a first-come basis – seating limited.

Michelle Ellerton, 250-613-3040 – call, text or walk’n talks; pgeducator@bcss.org

Wednesday Workshop Sep 9-20

One – Change and Motivation

This section will help you understand how we change and why we change. If you have “tried everything” and nothing is working you may have already decided that it’s time for something to change.

Wednesday Workshop Sep 16-20

Two – Self-care & Self-Rewards

This section provides tools for assessing your level of emotional distress and tools to help you restore balance in your life.

Wednesday Workshop Sep 23-20

Three – Inner Dialogue

In this section you will find tools that can help you to remain calm and matter-of-fact in situations where you previously may have found yourself becoming frustrated or angry.

Wednesday Workshop Sep 30-20

Four – ABC’s of REBT

In this section we will examine the role that your thoughts and beliefs play in your ability to respond to your loved one and other life events.

Wednesday Workshop Oct 7-20

Five – Beliefs & Disputations

In this section we will explore some of the more common of thinking that leads to unnecessary emotional upset and distress.

Wednesday Workshop Oct 14-20

Six – Positive Communication

Learning to communicate in a positive way – and learning to listen to your loved one in an effective way – are skills that can lead to an improved relationship and the possibility of collaboration vs. confrontation.

Wednesday Workshop Oct 21-20

Seven – Healthy Boundaries Part 1

This section helps you identify and communicate your boundaries. Healthy boundaries are also a key to reestablishing mutual respect in your interactions with your Loved One. 

Wednesday Workshop Oct 28-20

Eight – Safety & Support

This section offers tools and suggestions for planning those actions you may need to take in the future to keep yourself and other family members safe.

Wednesday Workshop Nov 4-20

Nine – Coping with Lapses

Learn how to effectively respond to your own setbacks in making changes to your habitual responses to your Loved One.

Wednesday Workshop Nov 18-20

Ten – Disable the Enabling

This section explores how to identify any of your coping and helping behaviours that may fall under the umbrella of “enabling”. These are often behaviours that were well-intended when they began, but may not be working well now.

Wednesday Workshop Nov 25-20

Eleven – Healthy Boundaries Part 2

What are your choices if you have identified and communicated a boundary with your Loved One – and you are ignored? This section is a guide to finding your own answers to this question.

Wednesday Workshop Dec 2-20

Twelve – Trust & Forgiveness

This section explores ways that Family & Friends can deal with broken trust, re-building trust and letting go of past hurts.

Wednesday Workshop Dec 9-20

Thirteen – Setting SMART Goals

SMART goals are an excellent tool for planning how to regain lifestyle balance, how to get back in touch with those things you really value, and how to shift your focus back on to yourself.

Wednesday Workshop Dec 16-20

Fourteen – Discover the Power of Choice

SMART Recovery advocates the “power of choice” and recognizes that each person’s path of self-directed change is different. This section explores the choices you have made, the choices you have yet to make, and how to move past fear in making choices.