Wednesday Workshops 2018

FAMILIES of Prince George & B.C. Northern Interior

Staff person Kim Dixon, BA, MSc, CPS (F) FAMILIES Peer Specialist (&Co.) Area Manager
Kim Dixon, BA, MSc, CPS (F) FAMILIES Peer Specialist (&Co.) Area Manager

FREE for Family Members

Prince George, BC @ 1117 – 6th Avenue, 6:30 – 9 PM.

Sign up for one or more on a first-come basis – seating limited.

Call Kim Dixon at 250-561-8033 or email

Wednesday Workshop Sep 26-18

Health within Illness

The words mental health and mental illness are often used interchangeably but it is helpful to understand the differences. Learn how our thoughts, emotions, behaviours and body reactions all affect our mental health. Learn how our brain can become mentally ill and how we can achieve health within illness.

Wednesday Workshop Oct 10-18

Understanding Mental and Substance Use Disorders

When a family member suffers from a mental illness, one of the most important things to do is to take the time to learn about the disorder.In this workshop, we present an overview of common mental and substance use disorders, and how to seek help if you suspect your family member is experiencing mental health problems.

Wednesday Workshop Oct 24-18

Supporting Recovery from a Mental or Substance Use Disorder

By educating yourself as much as you can about the mental or substance use disorder, you can take an active role in your family member’s recovery. This workshop provides information and practical resources that can help families and their family member effectively manage their mental illness on a day-to-day basis and prevent a relapse of symptoms.

Wednesday Workshop Nov 14-18

Communication and Problem-Solving Skills

Wednesday workshops are designed to assist families in caring for a family member with a mental illness by providing information and practical resources. In this workshop we provide practical skills training in effective communication and problem solving.

Wednesday Workshop Nov 28-18

Caring for Yourself and Other Family Members

This workshop provides information on how a family member’s illness impacts the rest of the family (parents, partners, siblings, adult children) and suggestions for coping including taking care of yourself.